Abby is an amazing bodyworker. In our sessions together, I felt safe and heard. My body and heart opened up under her skillful hands. I highly recommend her. - C.B.

The work I’ve done with Abby has led to tremendous physical structural changes as well as energetic and emotional changes in my life. Changes that I knew were ready to be made, but I wasn’t sure how to access them. Abby’s careful, intuitive and honoring processes allowed my physical and subtle bodies to release years of grief, cut ties to that which no longer served and strengthened my relationship to my own personal source of power. Abby worked in dancing tandem with all of my shifts and was sensitive to my needs in each moment. Abby is a magical healer and time spent with her is time that you will value. The lessons I gained from her work continue to reverberate for me and my body months after finishing our 10 sessions. - M.B.

I had chronic lower back pain for years and now I don't. I have no idea how it happened, but after one amazing session with Abby the pain is gone. I live in Los Angeles, but would drive the six hours to have Abby work her magic again if needed. - A. E.

I have always struggled to feel comfortable with receiving massage to the point of becoming panicked and wanting to leave.  I had heard good things about Abby and tentatively decided to try a session.  I couldn’t believe how comfortable I felt!  Her presence was so soothing and I even fell asleep.  I felt her working on a level deeper than my muscles, it was a spiritual level.  - M. W.

The simple healing I received was not as simple as I thought.  It was deeper and more clarifying than anything I have known.  I can still feel the current of healing energy she brought to me when I think of her and that, to me, is the true calling card of a healer.  Her guides and her energy have stayed with me helping every inch of the way of my tumultuous healing.  Her presence does not leave you.  Her unconditional love is placed within your heart.  Her guides are ancient, wise, and caring as if they are now my own counsel overseeing my own progression and healing.  They have told me that that is their purpose.  And I am so thankful for her presence on this planet as a healer and embodiment of unconditional love. - S. O.

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