Abby Schkloven, CMT

Abby Schkloven, CMT

About Abby

Welcome, I am a practitioner of Integrative Bodywork and Structural Integration.  As an experienced practitioner since 2005, I draw from many modalities to offer physical, emotional, and energetic healing.

My services weave together massage and bodywork techniques including Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, Cranio-Sacral, Trigger Point/ Neuromuscular Therapy, Energy Work, Breathwork, Creative Movement, Yoga, Somatic awareness, Prenatal, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Massage.

I hold a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (CIIS ‘16) wherein my work focused on a critical and politicized view of Somatic Healing. My interest in doing so was to explore the ways in which the physical and emotional experience is shaped by cultural, inter-generational, and structural impacts; expanding what it means to be shaped and to heal beyond the individual and taking collective interconnectedness into account.

My bodywork training includes the San Francisco School of Massage, Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork, McKinnon Institute (Acupressure course), and 500-hour Yoga Tree RYT Training.

Community bodywork: In addition to my private practice, I have practiced at Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco since 2005, where pre and post-natal parents experiencing homelessness receive massage for free. I was the Holistic Coordinator and Massage Therapist at Saint James Infirmary, a no-cost confidential clinic offering services to the TLGBQ and sex-worker community. Most enjoyably and recently, I volunteered CranioSacral sessions at the Planting Justice Retreat (on the beach!), a Bay Area-based organization that creates ecologically sustainable jobs and fosters supportive culture for people re-entering the workforce after incarceration.

Additional community work/ activism: I worked in Harm Reduction and public health between 2005 and 2010, working with Needle Exchange and Outreach groups through Saint James Infirmary and (now defunct) Points of Distribution.

To balance out all the bodywork I do indoors, I am a lover of herbalism, gardening, and food justice. Before moving to the Bay Area from Detroit, MI in 2004, my relationship to community/ gardening was planted as a youth activist with Detroit Summer. I have lived and worked on land projects learning sustainable construction and organic farming in West Marin, Ca, and Kauai, Hi. I am also a sustainable landscaper in the East Bay with Green City Landscapes (website coming soon.)

CAMTC# 51982

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